SEIVA Praktik Veterinary


6-12 lead PC-based veterinary ECG

  • 6 to 12-lead/6-12-channel ECG
  • Simple SINGLE-BUTTON control
  • ECG monitoring before record
  • Various formats of record, display and printout
  • Automatic curve measuring
  • Digital analysis specially developed for animal QRS
  • Overview of standard ECG values for various animals
  • Digital filters specially developed for animal ECG
  • Database of patients and examinations
  • Communication with patient management software


ECG Praktik Veterinary is a 6-12-lead electrocardiograph for monitoring, recording and archiving of ECG. Although containing many special functions and special veterinary cable, which make the device multi-purpose in veterinary diagnostics, ECG Praktik Veterinary is very easy to work with. Operation can be semi or fully automatic; pressing a single button starts the whole sequence of steps, starting with ECG recording, through measurement up to printing.

Enables long-time monitoring of real-time ECG. Possible events can be immediately saved for further analysis. The system forewarns of exceeding of the studied parameters or loose electrod contact.

The records are saved into a database and they can be later recalled, viewed or printed. EKG Praktik Veterinary can be implemented into a central database accessible in an office or in a complex hospital computer network.

Measures and indicates wave-intervals. In addition, all measured values can be clearly viewed in a table. The records can be viewed on the monitor and supplemented with comments.

Uses standard A4 size paper. Compared to thermal-active paper, the quality of the record is higher, clearer and everlasting.

The zoom function enables to detail averaged QRS or any QRS complex of the captured record.