SEIVA s.r.o.

Seiva s.r.o. is a Prague-based limited liability company, which directly develops, manufactures and services complete line of PC-based cardiological devices (ECG, Holter, stress test etc.) including hardware and software with accessories.

Company was established in 1993 and since that time has become a domestic leader in the field of cardiology, with the biggest share of the Czech and Slovak market with its own distribution, as well as service network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Over the years the company gained valuable experience, and come to understand what the customers desire.

Products fulfil requirements of a daily rutine of every cardiologist, as well as an internist, or general practitioner. Innovation process is in place, which ensures that favourite products like ECG, Holter, stress test etc. are comprehensive, yet simple to use.

Seiva s.r.o. aims to be a strong and reliable company, that customers in the medical community can trust and count on. Seiva s.r.o. will continue to strive for perfection through continous innovation process.

Quality Certification

Development, production and service is certified by european quality standards EN ISO 9001:2001EN ISO 13485:2003 and CE 1014.