SEIVA Patient Sign-in kiosk Mini

A waiting room solution with an outstanding practical value. 5,2 inch display, on which the patient selects the reason of his visit.

The SEIVA sign-in kiosk is easy to use. The doctor as well as the nurse can have a perfect review about who is in the waiting room, what are the reasons of their visit and how long the patients have been waiting. The device can even take note about the new comers. The nurse is informed, which patients come to see her and so can take care of them even when the doctor’s office is full. In general the SEIVA sign-in kiosk brings more calmness into the workplace, improves productivity and shortens the waiting time. The system also allows an excellent overview about patients that have been already treated, why they came and how long did their visit take.

  • Perfect review
    about the patients present in the waiting room
    the reason of their visit
    whether the patient came to see the doctor or the nurse
    how long is the patient waiting
  • Better work flow for the nurse
    the patients that can be taken care off by the nurse don’t need to wait along those who came to see the doctor
    less people in the waiting room
  • The overal image of the doctor’s office is improved
Key features of the sign-in system
  • coming soon…
Key feature of the software for the doctor’s PC
  • coming soon…

The practitioner can easily change the patient’s data displayed on the sign-in system in the waiting room. The appearance of the software on doctor’s /nurse’s computer can be also changed to your preferences. This feature allows you to adapt to an upcoming vacation, change of the working hours, a shift switch or even alternating of several practitioners in one office.  These possibilities come very handy during the changes of working style in your office.


    ◊  Czech quality product
    ◊  Quick sales and maintenance services
    ◊  Direct communication with the manufacturer
    ◊  Resistant design
    ◊  Very easy to use
    ◊  Possibility of working without an order list – you can choose manualy who will be treated next
    ◊  Wireless communication with your computer